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Made solely of organic, fresh fruits and vegetables. Only freeze-dried; never frozen.

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Keepin' it RA!

At RA Foods, we work hard to educate people about the advantages of freeze-dried deliciousness and to deliver exceptional customer service at all costs in addition to giving you a completely new and distinct experience.


By using a process called freeze-drying, food may be preserved for up to 20 years and up to 95% of its nutrients can be retained when stored appropriately.

Steer clear of hot rooms and direct sunshine. A bag should not be left open either. Make sure it is always zipped.


Our core values are innovation and honesty. We pledge to deliver the freshest and most vibrant items to you all, and our RA Food will not let you down.

Freeze dried freshness guaranteed!

Our goods have a distinct texture and a stronger flavor since they are freshly selected and prepared immediately after purchase. Eliminating all the liquid results in significantly lighter and more compact packaging. RA Food is ideal for a busy lifestyle.

How do we do it?

Our products have a unique texture and more intense flavor since they are prepared immediately after they are ordered. Packaging turns simpler and more compact when all moisture has been removed. RA Food is excellent for people with an on-the-go lifestyle. Freeze-drying is commonly referred to as preservation. When kept properly, our products can retain as much as 95% of all nutrients and last for as long as twenty years.

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Did you know?

The term for freeze-drying is called Lyophilization.

It is a procedure used to preserve a product by completely eliminating its water content. The process involves first freezing the product at around -20°F for a period of time, then sublimating (converting a solid into gas) the frozen moisture using a pressurized vacuum. Once the product comes out finishes this stage, finally and also immediately afterwards heavy heat temperatures are applied for an even longer extended period of time. Once the final stage is completed, all moisture is removed and has become crunchy.

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